A Wild Romance – Falling Madly in Love with God


Anyone up for a wild romance?! We women are most definitely wired for it – we love the thrill of being pursued, feeling adored, being doted on. But for many of us, these ideas of romance have yet to become a reality. Instead, we often wind up with our expectations and hopes unmet, our dreams of what life should be like broken, feeling let down by the people in our lives.

All except One.

“A friend of mine recently said, “You know, Michelle, I haven’t heard you talk about a man in a long time. Are you seeing anyone?”

I said, “Oh yeah, I’m seeing somebody!”

She said, “Really! Tell me all about him!”

And I said, “Well, he’s very wealthy.”

“Really? Where does he get his money from?”

“Oh, he’s into real estate – owns everything!”

Well, what does he do?”

“He’s VERY creative!”

She said, “Oooh! Tell me more!”

So I said, “Well, he’s very romantic – you know, no matter WHAT time I call him, he never puts me on hold, he always has time to hear me; wherever I want to go, he’s ready to go, too. He says I’m on his mind all the time. And you know what? When he promises me something, he always comes through! He never lies, he always shows up when he says he’s gonna show up – he’s just wonderful! He just makes me feel so loved. And he writes me these really LONG love letters that I read every morning!”

She said, (disbelievingly), “Really?! Ooh, he sounds so good! Well where is he, when are we gonna meet Him?!”

And I said, “Well, you can meet him anytime!”

“Well, where has he been?”

“He’s been off building me a house.”

“When will he be back?!”

“Any day now!”

Michelle McKinney Hammond, “How to Get Past Disappointment”, Session 2 – Who Is He?

Could a romance get any better than that?! Yes, there’s even more!

He leaves special gifts, some that are enormous and some that are subtle, for me to discover every day!

He randomly shows up unannounced, whether I’m at home or away, just to surprise me!

He entices me to go on weekend getaway retreats so we can spend time together.

He longs for MY voice, my affection, my attention and love.

Each morning, he brings me what I will need for the day – strength, companionship, courage. He tells me I can face whatever the day will bring because He’ll be with me every step of the way.

What’s important to me is important to Him, period.

He loves me passionately just the way I am. I don’t have to change a thing about my weight, appearance, personality. I am adored and accepted.

He is quick to forgive me when I mess up, am disrespectful, or miss our appointments 🙂

He handles my hurts with the utmost care and patience. He desires to help me on the path to healing and he doesn’t rush me.

He often wakes me up early just so we can spend some time together before the craziness of the day starts!

Does any of this appeal to you? Are  you ready for a romance like this, a romance with someone who will never let you down? Truly, every human being is wired to let us down. And we’re wired to let them down, too! If anyone else could fulfill all our needs and desires, we would have no reason to turn to our Heavenly Husband, the one who knows our hearts inside out and desperately wants to satisfy the longings in our soul!

It’s your move – He’s ready whenever you are to start (or to deepen) the romance between you two.

Pray with me.

Dear Lord,  I thank You that you are everything I need in this life and more. Thank You for knowing me inside and out and STILL loving me passionately. Thank You for placing this desire for wild romance in my heart and being the Only One who can fulfill the longings. Please help me to forgive those who let me down, and please help them to forgive me when I inevitably let them down, too. Father, I’m ready for the next level of romance with you. Help me to keep my heart open and soft. Amen.

He has caught all your tears in a bottle, counted the hairs on your head, and loves you with an Everlasting Love.

In Him,

Stacey Joy


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