When Praying in Secret is NOT the Way to Go

(INTRODUCTION: I’ve been reading the book “52 Things Kids Need From a Mom” by Angela Thomas, and I must say, I have been pleasantly surprised at how much I’ve enjoyed it! Just judging from the title, which is difficult not to do when choosing books from the library, it seemed like it would have a legalistic, check-list type bent. I am happy to report that this is not the case. Perhaps a more accurate title would have been, “52 Things Every Mom Needs To Be Aware Of”. If that doesn’t make sense right off the bat, then perhaps you’ll understand a bit more once I get into a few of her topics.)

This post is based off of Angela Thomas’ 1st of 52 List Items – the chapter entitled (Kids Need Their Moms to) “Pray in Secret with the Door Open”. Angela commiserates with young moms that we all tend to deeply desire to be able to meet with God the way we used to – perhaps early in the morning, uninterrupted, consistent, unrushed. And we have all most likely been given the gift of a women’s retreat or two, or just a day away to a favorite destination with only your Heavenly Best Friend. But Angela goes on to describe a day when she felt like the Lord was encouraging her that, since her life looked different now than it looked back then, her devotionals could also take on a new life. She says,

“This is how I want you to pray now. Pray in secret – with the door open. I want them to see you being with Me. I want them to catch you turning to your Heavenly Father for guidance. I want them to learn from you how to walk with me. No dramatic presentation needed. No fanfare required. Angela, this is a new season with a new way. And this new way for your heart pleases me.”

What a breath of fresh air. In a way, Angela has given us all permission to allow life to change with the ebbs and flows. No need to be inflexible. Flexibility can be beautiful, and can usher in new depths of relationship with the Lord that we haven’t yet encountered!

I remember as a child seeing my mom, in varying stages of life, sitting quietly in her armchair and prioritizing time with the Lord. I am thankful for those little snapshots of faithfulness. I am glad that a deep part of me says, “This is the way a Godly woman walks with God.” Her little acts of random faithfulness, done in the midst of the home where her little one’s could see, has had generational implications!

So I don’t know about you – but I’m going to enjoy praying and meeting with God with my door wide open in the coming days!

May our Mommy’s hearts be filled with His unconditional love so that we, too, can impact future generations for GOOD!

Stacey Joy

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